Poolarserver is a modern and powerful online-platform for drawing- and project management. Companies/ persons involved in planning receive the access data via email with which they can log on to the Poolarserver.

Login occurs through an individual login form. Please enter the project name, your username and the password into the respective entry fields. If you are logging in from your office computer you can save your access data in order to enable automatic login in the future. If you are logging in from an external computer (e.g. internet cafe), please make sure that the button don’t save password is activated.






Upon successful completion of the login process you will be directed to the starting page of the project space.






A click on the info-button will let you gain access to the online version of this quick reference guide. Clicking the info button will furthermore grand you access to the address list, component designation and the construction projects’ set specifications regarding the plan description.     




The page Plannumbers contains the abbreviated designations of the companies involved in planning as well as information regarding guidelines for plan numbers. The following plan number convention is to be considered an example. Due to that fact, the guidelines for the plan numbers of your project space may vary from the following example.








The structure of the plan number used in this example is geared towards efficient utilization for everyday work in the construction business (e.g. if you are in search of a plan, for file notes or at the phone).


                                A02-E2A                        Architectural Floor Plan – Level 2 Component A


The usage of the first 6 digits suffices because the plan is clearly identifiable. Usually, it is also evident that the respective current index is the one involved in the process.


Important: In order to ensure a clean data stock, Poolarserver is set to prevent plans with invalid identification number from being uploaded. If new types of plans are required during the course of the planning process, Poolarserver has to set them up beforehand. Therefore, a short message via email directed to support@poolarserver.com containing the respective project specs, suffices. Due to the possibility of necessary consultation we reserve the right of a 3 business day processing period.






A click on address list will direct you to the module user administration. This module enables you to review the coordinates of the other project space users.






That way you can get a quick overview over the companies involved in the project. Click "Edit" in order to change your own data or to add a new contact person from your company. The quick help, which can be found on the right side of the module, will support you in doing so.









Hint: the green highlighted instructions will guide you safely through the upload process.



















The History tab provides information on who uploaded and downloaded data to and from Poolarserver at what time.


The tab properties, access rights and sub folders can solely be edited by users with administrative rights.





Can I change my office password?

No, due to security reasons Poolarserver assigns an automatically generated office password which cannot be changed. 


We are using Poolarserver for multiple projects.  Do I have to memorize all the different passwords?

Fortunately not. You can save your password on the login page by marking of the button prior to Save Password (e.g. on regular office or private computers). The saved login data are listed sequentially upon the next login.


Can I work on multiple projects at the same time (e.g. in different tabs)?

This is impossible, based on the way that tabs are administered within the browser. As soon as you are logging out of a tab, you will automatically be logged out of the associated tabs as well, even if it is not explicitly noticeable.

(However, there is a little trick: open one project with Internet Explorer, the other one with Firefox. This is possible).


What are the security risks if I save my password locally?

If you are to save your login data locally, the data is stored in a cookie on your computer. If you can ensure that it is impossible for an unauthorized person to log on to your computer, as far as we are concerned, a security risk is nonexistent. 

If you are logging in from an external computer (e.g. guest- or internet cafe computer), please make sure that the button prior to don’t save password is activated.


What exactly is the difference between the blue and the orange folders?

Blue folders provide for the simple data exchange if version control or complex data name conventions are unnecessary. When files are uploaded for the first time, a subfolder is automatically created inside the first level blue folders, containing the respective user name.

This folder exclusively contains a list of all user specific uploads (packages) including the date and the individually selectable subfolder name. After clicking a package you can either download the contained plans individually or as an entire package.


The orange folders are meant for incorporating plans. Orange folders possess automatic version control which means that older plan versions are indexed automatically while users only get to see the latest version. The current version number can be identified through the index. Correctly named plans are automatically sorted into predefined subfolders by Poolarserver.


I accidently uploaded the wrong file, what now?

Uploaded files cannot be deleted, due to documentation grounds. However, uploaded data packages can be marked as invalid inside the blue folders. Please mark the corresponding subfolders and click on properties. Subsequently mark of the button this package is invalid and state the reason.  


Uploaded plans/files within the orange folders can solely be deleted by Poolarserver. In case of this event please contact Poolarserver.


I forgot to notify certain persons, what now?

If you want to notify a single user or multiple users about files which have already been uploaded, you can do so in the following manner: click on the corresponding folder and subsequently on send again in the upper application window. A new window will open providing you with the opportunity to select a single- or multiple folder(s) or file(s) as well as the recipient intended for notification.


My question cannot be answered here – where can I find help?

For further requests feel free to contact support@poolarserver.com.